Sunshine Play Therapy
Sunshine Play Therapy

 Empowering children through therapeutic play in a safe environment in the Manchester area

Sunshine Play Therapy

Play therapy used because play is a natural part of children's lives. Children may not be able to speak about their problems but  they can work through their issues using play. This will enable them to develop coping strategies for problems now and in the future. Therefore play therapy helps the child, their family, the school and the wider community.


Individual sessions are non-directive.  The children lead the sessions and choose their own resources and activities to suit their needs for each session.  Group sessions are more directive to deal with a specific issue.


All play therapy sessions are confidential unless the children disclose a danger to themselves or someone else.  Safeguarding is a priority and any child protection issues will be dealt with immediately.

It can be hard to say how you feel.

How can it help your child?

Play Therapy provides a way of empowering children to help themselves. It enables them to deal with problems or develop coping strategies for their issues whilst in a safe therapeutic environment with a qualified play therapist.  Children aged 3 - 12 years use play as a means of communication because their verbal skills are still developing.

Why choose play therapy?

Children suffering with emotional, physical and social problems respond well to play therapy.  Research has shown that "between 74% and 83% of children receiving play therapy, delivered to PTUK/PTI standards, show a positive change.” (PTUK website, 2013). Every child is different so patience is required by parents/referrers. It has to happen in the child's own time. 

If you have any worries or concerns about your child or feel that your child is unhappy at home or school, then why not contact us to discuss your child's needs and how play therapy could help. 

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