Sunshine Play Therapy


Empowering children through therapeutic play in a safe environment in the Manchester area






NB: The waiting list is open for referrals to start May 2019.


Referrals will be accepted from parents (or carers), GP’s, teachers, social workers and other professionals.


If you have a child in mind or are interested to find out more about play therapy, please email to arrange an initial chat.


Thereafter, we will arrange a consultation where the parent/referrer can discuss the child’s needs in detail and complete a short questionnaire (Goodman’s Strengths and Difficulties questionnaire). This will enable the play therapist to recommend the number of sessions initially required. A review will be held after a number of sessions to discuss the child’s progress. Advice will be offered whether further sessions are required or if the child is ready to end. Once the child has finished, a meeting with the parent/referrer will be arranged to discuss the outcomes and future recommendations. A report will be provided on request.


Written parental / guardian consent is essential before play therapy commences.



What do we offer?

At Sunshine Play Therapy we offer a variety of Individual & small group play therapy sessions in the playroom in Withington.


Session duration (ages 3-12): 45 minutes/week.


Creative arts therapy sessions (age 12+): 1 hour/week.


Individual sessions:

For individual children - short term (12 sessions), medium term (24 sessions) or long term sessions are available, depending on the issues involved.


Group sessions:

For small groups (max 4 children), 12 sessions dealing with a specific issue e.g. bereavement, siblings, parents' separating, bullying. These involve a mixture of non-directive (child-led) and more directed activities related to the relevant issue.


Out and about


Sunshine Play Therapy also works in the community at local schools and nurseries in the South Manchester area. If your service or agency is interested in play therapy, please contact Lesley for more info.


Please keep a regular check on the Sunshine Play Therapy Facebook page for more services in the future.

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