Creative art therapy

Empowering children through their play. 

Creative art therapy

Anyone can be creative; you don’t have to be an artist to try creative arts therapy!


The sessions involve expression through creative arts.  This is not a form of counselling, art therapy

or talking therapy. 



  • Increase self-awareness and personal development.
  • Offer time and space to process unresolved issues.
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem.


Creative art therapy can enable clients to process unresolved issues and develop positive coping

strategies to deal with presenting concerns.  Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. 


Referrals will be accepted from yourself, parents (or carers) of adolescents, GP’s, teachers, social workers and other professionals. 

If you have someone in mind or are interested to find out more about creative art therapy, please complete the contact form below.

What happens next:

  • Lesley will contact you to arrange an initial consultation for a chat and to complete either a Goodman's

    'Strengths and Difficulties' Questionnaire (ages 12-17) or the CORE Outcome Measures (18+)

  • If you agree to starting therapy, we will discuss the number of sessions you wish to have.
  • A review will be held after 5 sessions to discuss your progress.  Further sessions may be recommended or you may feel ready to end therapy.  It is your choice.
  • Once you have finished, an end meeting will be arranged to discuss the outcomes and future recommendations. 


Written parental/guardian consent is essential before play therapy commences for those aged 12-17. 


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